1.       Quarrying Lease from Director of Mining and Geology, Government of Kerala Quarry Lease
         Pro. No. 744/2017-18/6024/M3/2017/DMG dated 09.02.2018 over an extent of 5.459 Hect. In Kummil village
         Sy. No. 465/04,465/05,481/01-1,481/01-2,482/02,482/02-2,482/02-3,482/04,482/05,482/06,483/04
         valid up to 28.11.2022.

2.       SEIAA Environmental Clearance No. 93/2017 vide letter No. 1087/EC3/SEIAA/2016.

3.       Explosive Magazine Licence No. E/SE/KL/22/120(E96242) dated 25.04.2017.

4.       Kerala State Pollution Control Board Consent to operate the Quarry under Air & Water Act vide letter
          No. PCB/KO/ICO/G/487/2017 dated: 10.01.2018 valid upto 28.11.2022.